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Navigated Colonoscope

ScopeGuide 3 shows an accurate 3D reconstruction of the position and configuration of the endoscope position within the colon.

Navigation through the colon becomes easier and patients experience less discomfort, as loops can be identified more quickly.

Key benefits

Real-time 3D view of endoscope position

ScopeGuide 3 shows an accurate 3D reconstruction of the position and configuration of the scope within the colon, and as it does not rely upon X-Rays it can be used throughout the procedure.

Increased patient comfort

The highly precise 3D model displays endoscope loops during colonoscopy, allowing them to be remedied before they cause the patient pain.

Allows navigation through any colon

Even the most difficult of colons can be intubated thanks to real-time, continuous data on the position of the endoscope within the colon.

Increased efficiency

ScopeGuide helps to target external abdominal pressure directly to the area where looping occurs, helping to reduce procedure times.

ScopeGuide 3 revolutionises the way colonoscopy is performed. By generating a real-time 3D image of the endoscope on the monitor, ScopeGuide allows efficient navigation of the colon, and enables staff to take remedial action before insertion tube loops cause patient pain, helping to reduce sedation needs. ScopeGuide does not utilise X-rays. ScopeGuide can be used with ScopeGuide colonoscopes, or other colonoscopes may be adapted for use with ScopeGuide by inserting the MAJ-1300 probe into the instrument channel.

3D display with improved modelling
A new, improved 3D model generates 3D images faster than ever, allowing you to accurately track the endoscope during colonoscopy. 3D imaging also helps in the training of junior staff, by providing immediate feedback about the effect of manipulation of the control section of the endoscope.

Compact design
Compared with older versions, ScopeGuide 3 is much more compact and manoeuvrable, allowing seamless integration into existing workflows.

Picture-in-picture functionality
When used in conjunction with a monitor with picture-in-picture functionality, the ScopeGuide image is viewed alongside the endoscopic image, meaning you only need to view one monitor, bringing considerable ergonomic benefits.

Compatibility with MAJ-1300 probe
When the MAJ-1300 probe is inserted into the instrument channel of conventional endoscopes, they are upgraded to full ScopeGuide functionality. This enables maximum flexibility within the department.

Compatibility with legacy systems
ScopeGuide 3 is fully compatible with older ScopeGuide endoscopes, ensuring that you continue can continue to use existing endoscopes with ScopeGuide 3.

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