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The Olympus V-System is an open system, which includes distally wire-guided and over-the-wire devices to suit a wide variety of techniques. In perfect combination with the EVIS EXERA II Duodenoscope TJF-Q180V, which offers a unique dual locking mechanism, instrument exchange is performed easy and fast. EndoTherapy V-System devices are fully compatible with both long and short guidewire and ensure maximum reliability and flexibility in ERCP.

Key Features

Choice of technique

Full compatibility of V-System devices to support both long and short guidewire exchange.

Versatile product line


In combination with the revolutionary guidewire VisiGlide and a versatile line-up of state-of-the-art EndoTherapy devices the V-System is the optimal solution for easy and fast instrument exchange. Its expanded product line including both distal wire-guided and over-the-wire design devices is fully compatible with both long and short guidewire.

Reliable locking


The centre-locking mechanism using the redesigned V-groove enables fast and reliable locking of both 0.035-inch and 0.025-inch guidewires. The side-locking mechanism increases the number of situations in which secure guidewire locking can be achieved.



The C-Hook can be clipped directly onto the scope to provide the option of controlling the device and the scope together. This enables the physician to easily maneuver the guidewire, inject contrast media as well as manipulate the device handle.



The forked design of the V-Sheath enables separation of the guidewire sheath and injection handle. This provides flexibility in the handling of devices for demanding ERCP procedures.



The exclusive V-Marking on each V-System device indicates when to raise and lower the elevator, facilitating easy device exchange.