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For the best HDTV experience in laparoscopy look no further than the ENDOEYE FLEX 3D. The flexibility to bend up to 100° in four directions, coupled with the brightness and light-sensitivity provided by ENDOEYE technology, optimises the speed, accuracy and precision of surgical procedures by users at all skill levels.

Key benefits

Full HDTV in 3D

The ENDOEYE FLEX 3D utilises two independent high density image sensors at the distal end of the scope, which provide 3D images in the highest definition.

Angulation up to 100°

The ENDOEYE FLEX 3D bends up to 100° in four directions. This ensures an excellent view during surgery while maintaining optimum and correct visual orientation.


ENDOEYE technology maximises the 3D benefit, providing a brighter, more light-sensitive image with greater depth of field, while eliminating manual focusing.

The world's only deflectable tip laparoscope delivers HDTV in 3D. It is capable of 100° angulation for an excellent view in all situations, which cannot be achieved with conventional rigid systems. ENDOEYE technology greatly improves the speed, accuracy and precision of surgical procedures, making this scope ideal for the full range of user skill levels. Although 3D visualisation gives greater spatial and depth appreciation, sometimes 2D is required. That’s no problem as 3D/2D can be interchanged simply in a moment. The addition of NBI further enhances the power of this essential tool.

Improved speed, accuracy and precision
ENDOEYE FLEX 3D provides improved speed, accuracy and precision independent of the skill level of the user. This makes it ideal for shortening the learning curve for surgical tasks.

Easy switching of 2D to 3D
The viewing mode is easily switched back and forth between 2D and 3D for the ultimate versatility during surgical procedures.

NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) in 2D/3D
NBI greatly enhances visualisation of the capillary network and is easily available during surgery in both 2D and 3D.

Optical SystemLens systemDual-lens 3D optical structure
 Field of view80°
 Direction of viewForward viewing
 Depth of field18–100 mm
Insertion SectionDistal end outer diameter10 mm
 Rigid section outer diameter10 mm
 Working length370 mm
Bending SectionAngulation rangeUp 100°, Down 100°
Right 100°, Left 100°
Total Length 3,600 mm
WeightActual weight when in use490 g
Remote switch 3 switches in the control section
Cleaning/Disinfection/SterilizationCleaning/disinfectionImmersible in disinfectant solution
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