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Single-use injector

The NM-600 NeedleMaster single-use injector offers superior puncturing capability, a large flow rate for viscous liquids and the opportunity for secure single-handed use. New processing technology has enabled the needle to be sharpened right to the end and the enlarged lumen has not increased the outer diameter.

Key Benefits

Excellent puncture performance

A three-bevel tip, sharpened to the end, enables significantly easier puncture within the gastrointestinal tract compared to this needle’s predecessors.

High flow lumen

A larger inner lumen allows injection of high-viscosity liquids with light force, thus facilitating endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) procedures.

Resilient tube sheath

The use of new sheath material that retains its original shape allows the needle to be extended easily with light force, even if the sheath is kinked.

User-friendly handle design

For a more secure grip, the handle has been redesigned and now features a roughly textured non-slip surface, facilitating single-handed operation.

The NM-600 NeedleMaster endoscopic injection needle is the ideal choice for endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD), endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) and hemostasis. Featuring a new 3-bevel tip, which is sharpened right to the end, this single-use needle has superior puncturing capability. A new handle design enables secure single-handed operation, improving the efficiency and safety of a wide range of procedures including polypectomy. The outer diameter is the same as earlier models, but the lumen has been enlarged to improve the smooth passage of even high-viscosity liquids.

New tip design for excellent puncture performance

Now featuring a 3-bevel tip, the NeedleMaster is manufactured using new technology that has made it possible to sharpen the needle right to the very end. As a result, there is much less resistance to puncturing compared to earlier models.

Larger lumen for high flow rate even for viscous liquids

While the outer diameter of the needle remains the same as on earlier models, the lumen has been expanded. This allows even high-viscosity liquids to pass through smoothly with light force and a large flow rate.

New sheath material for easy needle extension

The NeedleMaster is made with new sheath material that retains its original shape. This facilitates efficient and highly controlled operation because the needle can be extended easily with light force, even if the sheath is kinked.

Secure new handle design for single-handed operation

For a better, more secure grip, the handle has been redesigned and now features a roughly textured non-slip surface. This facilitates single-handed operation, while helping reduce the force needed to inject high-viscosity liquids.

Article NameArticle NumberQuantityMin. Working
Channel Ø
Needle Bevel (A)Needle Ø (B)
NM-610L-0421N54062305/box2.8 mm1650 mmMiddle4.0 mm21 G = 0.8 mm
NM-600L-0421N54053305/box2.8 mm1650 mmRegular4.0 mm21 G = 0.8 mm
NM-600L-0621N54055305/box2.8 mm1650 mmRegular6.0 mm21 G = 0.8 mm
NM-610L-0423N54065305/box2.8 mm1650 mmMiddle4.0 mm23 G = 0.6 mm
NM-600L-0423N54056305/box2.8 mm1650 mmRegular4.0 mm23 G = 0.6 mm
NM-600L-0523N54057305/box2.8 mm1650 mmRegular5.0 mm23 G = 0.6 mm
NM-610L-0525N54069305/box2.8 mm1650 mmMiddle5.0 mm25 G = 0.5 mm
NM-600L-0525N54060305/box2.8 mm1650 mmRegular5.0 mm25 G = 0.5 mm
NM-610L-0426N54071305/box2.8 mm1650 mmMiddle4.0 mm26 G = 0.4 mm

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