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Therapeutic Video Duodenoscope

Combining high resolution imaging and Narrow Band Imaging (NBI), the TJF-Q180V duodenoscope sets a new standard for ease of use and security, with an unique dual guidewire locking supporting enhanced ERCP efficiency.

Delivering exceptional image quality, the NBI-compatible TJF-Q180V is the first V-System duodenoscope offering the unique dual guidewire locking mechanism for fast and secure short guidewire exchange. The TJF-Q180V sets a benchmark for performance within ERCP.

Key benefits

V-System compatibility and unique dual guidewire locking mechanism

Unique dual guidewire locking mechanism, comprising a centre-lock V-groove and side-lock mechanism of the forceps elevator enabling fast and secure short guidewire exchanges.

Combining high image quality with NBI

A high-quality CCD chip delivers large, crystal clear images. In addition, the NBI filter increases capillary contrast, enabling a detailed observation of the papilla.

Given the addition of a 100°/5° (retro) field of view to a slim 11.3mm diameter scope with a generous 4.2mm working channel, the TJF-Q180V is enhanced with an ergonomic user design, with additional utility for stone extraction or lithotripsy in biliary-pancreatic duct system.

Built-in Scope ID memory chip function stores scope information, facilitating endoscopy suite management.

Unique Dual Locking Mechanism
The unique dual mechanism securely locks 0.025” and 0.035” guidewires in either a centre or side-lock position, enabling efficient short guidewire exchange in combination with dedicated V-System ERCP devices.

Combining high resolution with NBI
A high quality CCD chip delivers the sharpest possible images. In addition, the NBI filter increases image contrast of capillary vessels, enabling a detailed tissue observation; in particular of the papilla of Vater.

Generous working channel
A slim 11.3mm outer diameter with a generous 4.2mm instrument working channel provides excellent insertion capability and functionality, especially for supporting large stent placement/removal.

Built-in memory
A built-in Scope ID memory chip stores individual scope information, facilitating endoscopy suite management.

Excellent manoeuvrability
The wide four-way angulation range (120° up, 90° down, 90° left, 110° right) facilitates approaching the papilla of Vater.

100°/5° (retro) Field of View
A comprehensive field of view enables observation of a wide area.

Designed for ease-of-use
Ergonomically designed for easy user access to buttons, with user-selectable switches for improved endoscopy operability.

Fully compatible
The TJF-Q180V is compatible with the CV-160 and CV-140 video centres. Use of the CV-180 enables use of the full feature set, including NBI imaging.

Optical SystemField of view100°
 Direction of viewBackward side viewing 5°
 Depth of field5to 60 mm
Distal EndOuter diameter13.7 mm
Insertion TubeOuter diameter11.3 mm
Bending SectionRange of distal end bendingUp 120°, Down 90°, Right 110°, Left 90°
Working Length 1,240 mm
Total Length 1,550 mm
Instrumental ChannelInner diameter4.2 mm
 Minimum visible distance10 mm

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