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Ultrasonic Generator

Offering the well-proven benefits of ultrasonic energy, the latest generation USG-400 Ultrasonic Generator provides you with unrivalled ultrasonic technology access for open and laparoscopic applications.

Key benefits

Olympus Surgical Tissue Management System

The USG-400 latest generation Ultrasonic Generator provides state of the art access to revolutionary surgical tissue management technology. In combination with the ESG-400 HF generator, a maximum performance is provided, with both safety and simplicity for all your surgical energy applications.

Finest Ultrasonic Dissector SONICBEAT

In direct combination with the USG-400, the latest SONICBEAT technology harnesses ultrasonic energy for the highest level of precision and safe application. Respecting anatomic layers, SONICBEAT provides the finest dissection as well as simultaneous cutting and consistent sealing of 5.0 mm vessels, at the lowest level of lateral thermal spread.


USG-400 gives you access to revolutionary THUNDERBEAT technology, which combines the safe sealing power of advanced bipolar HF with the unrivalled speed of ultrasound.

In addition to the two available technologies, THUNDERBEAT and SONICBEAT, the generator system is complemented by the reusable transducer component. Instrument recognition and automatic application of default settings, as well as a simple assembly of the components enables an intuitive ease of use.

Revolutionary New Surgical Tissue Management
USG-400, in combination with ESG-400, enables a revolutionary new surgical tissue management technology called THUNDERBEAT, which combines the safe vessel sealing power of advanced bipolar HF for up to and including 7.0 mm with the unrivaled speed and dissection precision of ultrasound.

Automatic Mist and Smoke Evacuation
In compatibility with the USG-400, Olympus offers the UHI series insufflator, which has been specifically developed for energy applications. This unique system combination enables an automatic mist and smoke evacuation while activating Olympus energy instruments to maintain a clear laparoscopic view, reducing delays associated with compromised visualization.

For All Surgical Ultrasonic Applications
The USG-400 Ultrasonic Generator is ideal for demanding laparoscopic or open applications, including Upper and Lower GI surgery, gynecology, and urology.

Universal Ultrasonic Generator
Applicable instruments: THUNDERBEAT when combined with ESG-400, SONICBEAT
Graphical User Interface for intuitive operation, ease of use, and rapid troubleshooting
Instrument recognition and automatic application of default settings
Hand switch and foot switch activation options to meet each surgeon’s individual preferences
A dedicated cart for transportation and storage
UHI insufflator compatible
EndoAlpha compatible



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