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Upper Gastrointestinal

A LESS (Laparo-Endoscopic Single-Site surgery) approach can be used in several types of gastric resections. Minimally invasive gastric resection, or keyhole surgery requires specialist imaging and therapeutic/haemostatic devices.

The use of a deflectable tip videolaparoscope facilitates dissection and visualisation during conventional laparoscopic and LESS procedures. Laparoscopic fundoplication for gastro-oesophageal reflux disease is also supported by these innovative flexible videolaparoscopes, as well as the use of a single haemostatic device with multiple functions and ergonomically designed needleholders for securing the gastric wrap.

Laparoscopic or LESS (partial) gastric resections are all supported by Thunderbeat and the innovative Flex EndoyEye laparoscope.

Increasingly cardia-oesophageal resection and subsequent reconstruction are performed by laparo-thoracoscopic surgery. The cardia and oesophagus are resected followed by a tube like reconstruction of the oesophagus out of the remaining stomach. Both the abdominal and thoracic stage benefit from high quality imaging and deflectable tip technology.

Secure haemostasis is vital and Thunderbeat delivers unsurpassed sealing, transecting and dissecting capabilities due to its combination of advanced bipolar HF energy and ultrasonic technology. Removing the need to exchange instruments, increases the efficiency of procedures.

Flex5 or Flex10, 5 mm or 10 mm deflectable tip videolaparoscopes are available from Olympus as well as a full range of reusable laparoscopic hand instruments such as the liver retractor.

Improved visualisation of the surgical field


Improved visualisation of the surgical field increases accuracy, especially when a LESS approach is adopted.

Fewer instrument changes


Devices that both seal and dissect reduce instrument changes and improve the flow of procedures. The seal mode allows accurate and effective haemostasis.

Simultaneous instrument use


Quadport+ has five valves for instruments and a laparoscope. It allows use of staplers and easy specimen extraction due to its wound protection capabilities.

Surgical Energy


The world's first fully-integrated bipolar & ultrasonic technology