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Patient Comfort during Colonoscopy

With the growth of bowel cancer screening, patients undergoing a colonoscopy may experience anxiety prior to the procedure over patient discomfort. Whilst the anxiety may be short lived, this may result in a feeling of increased discomfort during and after the procedure.

Whilst maintaining patient safety, Olympus has a wide range of products incorporating advanced and innovative Responsive Insertion Technologies designed to maximise patient comfort while improving procedure times and ceacal intubation rates.

From ScopeGuide, with its ability to show the endoscope configuration inside the patient to assist in loop management, to variable stiffness which allows the clinician to alter the insertion tube stiffness characteristics to improve insertion and patient comfort.

Continuing with Olympus' desire to Advance the Art of Endoscopy, two new unique technologies, Passive Bending (PB) and High Force Transmission (HFT), can help to improve insertion while maintaining distal tip control even under looped conditions.

Finally, to further maximise patient comfort during and after the procedure, all of Olympus' colonoscopes are compatible with the UCR, Olympus' carbon dioxide insufflation unit.

Advanced insertion technologies

The CF-HQ190 EVIS EXERA III colonovideoscope provides superb image quality and a range of features for safe, effective insertion and improved patient comfort.

Real-time visualisation of endoscope position

ScopeGuide 3 enables monitors the colonoscope’s position without X-rays. This enables swift eradication of loops for improved patient comfort.

CO2 insufflation

CO2 is absorbed through the colon 150 times faster than ambient air, so patients feel less distended and experience lower pain levels post-procedure.