Strengthen Procedure Skills and a Safe, Effective Use of Olympus Products

Olympus organizes training courses with health care experts and leading hospitals. These courses will improve your medical skills and professional excellence in a comprehensible manner in order to improve patient care.

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Experience Olympus Continuum - our global entrance into Professional Education with Training Centers around the world, on-demand library and learning experiences including online courses and e-learnings.

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Combining Theory and Practice

Professional Education is the crossroads of all combined product- and procedure-related knowledge as well as the uniquely developed expertise in education and training. Making it our mission to bring the constantly updated theories of technology and application, in which Olympus is always at the forefront, to those willing to continuously learn and increase their expertise, Professional Education offers the perfect fit with various training formats. Lectures, discussions, hands-on sessions, and technology-based environments combine the excellence of theory and practice in order to improve safety and care for patients as well as healthcare professionals.

Professional Education Trainings

Olympus offers training in all the categories listed below. Please note that for the grayed-out course categories unfortunately no training dates are available.

Cleaning and Desinfection Service
Ear, Nose, Throat
Endoscopic Ultrasound
Endoscopic Urology
Gastrointestinal EndoTherapy
Gastrointestinal Imaging
Laparoscopic General Surgery
Laparoscopic Gynecology
Laparoscopic Urology
MET - Neurosurgery
Nurse Academy
Open General Surgery
System Integration - Operating Room

Optimizing Training Quality through Peer-to-Peer Tutoring

Taking education to the next level means always looking out for the details that matter. By paying close attention to the course participants' expectations, Olympus constantly optimizes its training quality and exceeds expectations. Our state-of-the-art equipped training centers around the world enable Olympus to bring together those who seek to develop their skills and knowledge further. Enabling our highly experienced faculty to underline their expert opinions through peer-to-peer tutoring during hands-on sessions, lectures, and discussions as well as interactions during live surgery events raises the standard of quality to the next level.

Our Training Centers

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