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Featured product ESG-300 Electrosurgical Generator — Generating Simplicity


The ESG-300 generator is created to perfectly complement the needs of gastroenterology and respiratory medicine. All key operating modes are possible - along with novel options like SmartArgon and the ability to save customized procedure programs - placing it at the forefront of electro-surgical technology.

Featured product


Ear, Nose, Throat

The CELON method is a highly efficient solution for minimally invasive and impedance-controlled tissue ablation. It is extremely user-friendly as its innovative bipolar technique enables safe, gentle, and fast energy transmission into the tissue. In addition, the CELON method requires only a short training session and can generally be performed on an outpatient basis.



Electrosurgical Generator

GynecologyUrologyGeneral Surgery

The ESG-410 high frequency generator provides you with reliable resection performance as well as access to surgical tissue management technology. Advancements in hard- and software enable high performance, safety, and simplicity for your surgical HF applications.

  • Full range of monopolar and bipolar modes for open, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries
  • Fast ignition and best-in-class PLASMA stability without tissue contact*
  • Two universal sockets with Plug&Play functionality for all current and future advanced bipolar Olympus devices
  • Ease of use with large touch screen and wireless footswitch
*Data on file

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HF Generator

Ear, Nose, ThroatUrologyGynecologyGeneral Surgery

The ESG-400 universal HF generator provides you with unrivalled resection power as well as access to surgical tissue management technology in the future and offers maximum performance, safety, and simplicity for all your surgical HF applications.

  • Latest-generation universal HF generator
  • PLASMA ready – bipolar prostate, bladder and transcervical treatment

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HF Generator

UrologyGynecologyGeneral Surgery

The Olympus ESG-100 HF electrosurgical generator offers an easy-to-use and safe generator and provides consistent performance in varying tissue structures with output powers that are as low as possible.

  • Compact and easy-to-use HF generator
  • Monopolar and bipolar cutting applications
  • Various modes

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