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Take Enteroscopy to the Next Level

Motorized Spiral Enteroscopy
The PowerSpiral allows for fast and gentle access to reach deep into the gastrointestinal tract by pleating the small bowel onto the enteroscope using a spiral segment. This is achieved via an integrated motor, which rotates the single-use PowerSpiral cover tube that is equipped with soft spiral-shaped fins that gently follow the mucosa.

The enhanced insertion speed, easy advancement, controlled withdrawal- and improved maneuverability can substantially reduce the overall procedure time and allow time for effective treatment.


The motorized advancement, combined with the soft fins of the spiral segment, enables smooth, safe and deep insertion as well as excellent maneuverability, making it possible to see the entire intestinal lumen. All of these combined features make it easier to penetrate deep into the small bowel.

The gentle grip on the mucosa between the soft fins of the spiral segment enables precise positioning of the endoscope. The integrated water jet keeps your view clear. Thanks to the conventional endoscope length, PowerSpiral allows for efficient interventions with a broad range of endotherapeutic devices.

Due to the improved overall maneuverability, lesions may be reached more quickly. The first study results demonstrated that procedure times with the PowerSpiral endoscope may be substantially reduced. 1,2,3

Effective Treatment for the Small Bowel

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