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during the 30th International
EAES Congress

05. – 08 July in Kraków, Poland

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Thursday 7th July, 2022 | 13:00 - 14:00 | Room S3-1 (level 3)

Mitigating risks for better outcome during surgery
Chair: Dr. Salvador Morales, Spain

  • Managing interoperative challenges during complex surgery. Tips & Tricks and basic surgical rules:
    Speaker: Prof. Mohamad Abu Hilal, Italy
  • Strategies to maintain optimal mental health within surgery
    Speaker: Mr Shahid Farid, MD, FRCS, United Kingdom

Apply For the Program

Do you want to elevate your surgical practice and improve your laparoscopic skills in advanced colorectal or liver procedures?

Then apply for the Olympus Privilege Program, which consists of three modules: You can decide how many modules you would like to attend.

Apply for the LPP on our educational platform here

Program Modules

Knowledge Module 1:
Pre-Learning and Virtual MET

You will attend a virtual Medical Expert Training where you will learn procedure steps with helpful tips and tricks, discuss cases in a small group, and present your own cases.

Knowledge and Skills Module 2:
Virtual OR Shadowing

You will attend virtual live surgeries at the tutor’s hospital, an Olympus reference center. In very small groups of only two attendees, you will have the chance to practice and discuss during surgery techniques that you learned in the virtual Medical Expert Training.

Fostering Skills Module 3:
Virtual Proctorship

You will perform a procedure in your own hospital, with your tutor coaching you interactively and supporting you to shorten your learning curve.

Double Your Energy

THUNDERBEAT is the world’s first and only advanced energy system that delivers two well-established forms of energy to a tissue simultaneously, providing advanced hemostasis and a high operating speed at the same time.

Explore the portfolio >

What Are the Advantages
of 3D Laparoscopy?

By adding a second eye with ENDOEYE 3D, the surgeon feels more confident, faces a shorter learning curve and a significantly decreased operating time enabling safer surgery. Listen to what laparoscopic experts are reporting.

Experience the “natural” way of performing surgery. >

Real-Time Fluorescence (Infrared) Laparoscopy

Observation possibilities such as infrared (IR) imaging can help to improve the patient outcome during diagnostics or surgery.

Watch our video and learn about the advantages of infrared imaging.

Find out more about infrared imaging here > (PDF, 25.1 MB)

Surgical Smoke Evacuator

The OR-VAC surgical smoke evacuator provides ideal smoke management for operating rooms, physicians’ offices, and outpatient surgery centers.

Learn more >

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