Product Security

Olympus understands the critical role of security in our products and is committed to addressing the security concerns of our customers.

If you have general product security questions, please contact the Olympus Product Security Team at

If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability in an Olympus product, please contact the Olympus Product Security Incident Response Team (Olympus-PSIRT) at

The Olympus-PSIRT will review and respond to your submission with next steps.

When contacting the Olympus-PSIRT please include the following details:

  • Subject line must have PSIRT
  • Olympus product name(s) and version(s)
  • Description of the concern/vulnerability
  • Information to help our team replicate the issue (e.g. configuration details, exploit code, etc.)

Please note that submitting information on potential vulnerabilities does not create any rights on behalf of the submitting party or obligations on behalf of Olympus. Olympus can use the information at its discretion.

Please find below all advisory communications regarding security events and incidents and their potential impact to Olympus products. The documents contain our statements towards Log4J, Amnesia33, Ripple20/Treck, and PrintNightmare vulnerability.