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Olympus THUNDERBEAT Type S is incorporating all-new Intelligent Tissue Monitoring for superior dissection with optimal temperature control.

The new Olympus THUNDERBEAT Type S with Unique Hybrid Technology now incorporates Intelligent Tissue Monitoring. It ensures the probe temperature is optimally controlled during dissections by automatically stopping the energy output of the device as soon as the tissue transection is completed. This innovation is the world’s first for ultrasonic-driven technologies. The Olympus THUNDERBEAT Type S is available in the European market as of immediately.

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THUNDERBEAT is the world’s first and only advanced energy system that delivers two well-established forms of energy simultaneously. The Unique Hybrid Technology combines ultrasonic and advanced bipolar energy. In just one device, surgeons have a dissector and cutting instrument (ultrasonic energy) as well as a sealing instrument (bipolar energy) for vessels, at their fingertips. This combination doubles surgeon’s energy and sets new standards in the application of advanced energy in the operating room.

Superior dissection with optimal temperature control

The new THUNDERBEAT Type S is the latest instrument to join a complete hybrid energy platform offered by Olympus. Facilitating safer and more streamlined open and minimally invasive procedures, this development in the Olympus THUNDERBEAT family now incorporates Intelligent Tissue Monitoring (ITM). THUNDERBEAT Type S enables precise dissection close to vital structures thanks to minimal thermal spread and the accurately targeted application of energy to the tissue.* ITM does detect a sudden change of pressure on the probe. This information is transmitted to the generator, which immediately stops the energy supply and provides audible feedback to indicate that the cooling phase is commencing. Residual probe temperatures thereby decrease by 26.9 percent to substantially reduce the potential risk of subsequent accidental tissue damage.**

“Safe performance and versatility have been a hallmark of THUNDERBEAT from the very beginning. Now with the launch of THUNDERBEAT Type S, we are introducing the next generation of safety and speed for open and laparoscopic surgery. The innovative THUNDERBEAT Type S with Intelligent Tissue Monitoring is the result of our research and development efforts conducted in close collaboration with surgeons who continuously provide us with valuable feedback directly from the OR,” explains Frank Drewalowski, Managing Director Olympus Europa Management SE, Head of Medical Systems Division EMEA.

Advanced hemostasis

Reduced blood loss and optimal visibility on anatomic structures are the result of superior primary and secondary hemostasis through the advanced bipolar technology offered by THUNDERBEAT Type S. In the Seal & Cut mode, both forms of energy, ultrasonic energy and bipolar energy, are combined allowing safe coagulation and rapid tissue transection. The Seal mode without simultaneous cutting enables immediate sealing of secondary bleeders, control of oozing bleeding by spot coagulation and pre-sealing of vessels.

High operating speed

The Unique Hybrid Technology leads to unprecedented fast tissue transection with less interrupting instrument exchanges. This can not only result in a reduced operating time, it also allows surgeons to concentrate wholly on the task at hand throughout the entirety of the procedure being undertaken. The resulting potential saving of material and time makes THUNDERBEAT one of the most efficient advanced energy instruments on the market.***

The product features of THUNDERBEAT Type S at a glance

  • Intelligent Tissue Monitoring ensures probe temperature is optimally controlled during dissections as the energy output will automatically be stopped as soon as the tissue transection is completed.
  • Ultraprecise Tissue Dissection through the wide reach of the slim tip, the high tip-opening force and the unique Type S technology for minimal thermal spread.
  • Advanced hemostasis: Advanced bipolar technology enables superior primary and secondary hemostasis resulting in reduced blood loss and optimal visibility on anatomic structures.
  • High operating speed: Fast tissues transection with less interrupting instruments exchanges lead to a reduced operating time and allow surgeons to concentrate more on surgery over the whole length of the procedure.
  • Unique hybrid technology: The combination of ultrasonic and advanced bipolar energy doubles your energy – and sets new standards in the application of advanced energy in the operating room.

* Data on file, Olympus Corporation
** Data on file, Olympus Corporation
*** Fagotti et al., Randomized study comparing use of THUNDERBEAT technology vs standard electrosurgery during laparoscopic radical hysterectomy and pelvis lymphadenectomy for gynecologic cancer, J Minim Invasive Gynecol. 2014 May-Jun;21(3):447-53

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