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The Fluoview FV3000 confocal laser scanning microscope is the new flagship product of the Scientific Solutions Division. Israeli researchers were so impressed by the new microscope that they arranged for its first installation in the region Europe, Middle East and Africa to be carried out in Jerusalem.

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Once Volker Dabelstein, Product Support Engineer at Olympus, had finished installing the microscope, his hosts took him to the Wailing Wall.

Volker Dabelstein

Volker Dabelstein installs the microscope in Jerusalem.

Over 100 days of preparation

In November 2016, Volker Dabelstein traveled to Jerusalem and delivered his first Fluoview FV3000 – the successor to the popular Fluoview FV1200 – to the Institute for Psychobiology at the Hebrew University. Another highlight of the trip was training the technicians who will be responsible for maintenance and any additional installations at a later date. Instead of the two Israelis travelling to Hamburg as normal, training took place on site in Jerusalem. By combining installation and training, the team made best use of the time before the system was ready to be used.

“Israel was just one of many countries I visited on business last year,” says Volker, a Product Support Engineer Area Microscopy at Olympus. “In total, I was away for more than 100 days. But combining installation and technician training on site is still special. We assemble the product in front of the customer and want everything to go smoothly to make a good first impression.” Three weeks before the trip, Volker performed a complete system integration at Hamburg’s Scientific Solutions Division, where he has worked for eight years. He assembled, tested and configured every component, then prepared them for shipping. This ensured that the system was fully operational before Olympus' Scientific Solution delivered it to the customer for the first time. Olympus then dispatched the 500-kilo device to its new home on three palettes.

On best terms

Once in Israel, Volker found that the two technicians weren’t the only ones taking a close interest in the microscope’s assembly. Among the other onlookers were the head of the service organization Eisenberg (Olympus’ partner in Israel) and researchers from the institute itself – including Professor Michael Spira, head of the Neurology Department and director of the Smith-Elkes Laboratory. “Professor Spira and his colleagues asked a lot of questions. They’ve been working with confocal systems ever since graduation, so they are real specialists and were very curious to know how the technology works”, explains Volker. “Talking to them made my job particularly pleasant and I got to learn about their research.”

“I always enjoy the chance to get to know our partners and their culture a little better.” Volker Dabenstein, electronic engineer at Olympus Scientific Solutions

Olympus Engenieer Dabelstein with Israeli academics

Volker Dabelstein flanked by two Israeli academics who now have a Fluoview FV3000 to use for their research.

The team at the National Institute for Psychology mainly conducts brain research, for example on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, autism and epilepsy. The institute has been an Olympus customer for over 10 years and has extensive experience using previous versions of the microscope. As their research concentrates mostly on the calcium imaging (used to visualize the calcium content of cells), the team needed a faster scanner – one of the strengths of the new model. Its high-speed resonant scanner can capture high-resolution images at up to 438 frames per second. This enables the user to make fast, stable and precise measurements of biological reactions in living cells and tissues.

It wasn’t just Volker’s converations with the Isreali researchers that made his trip to the Middle East so enjoyable. The people from Eisenberg were also especially friendly. “On business trips I only normally get to see the airport, hotel and clinic,” he says. “But even after a long day’s work, several Eisenberg employees took the time to show us their home town. The short trip to the Wailing Wall was very special. When there’s downtime, I always enjoy the chance to get to know our partners and their culture a little better.”

The new Fluoview FV3000

The Fluoview FV3000 at a glance

This confocal laser scanning microscope combines high-performance imaging with user-friendly controls. It allows scientists working in fields such as cell biology, cancer research and stem cell research to collect meaningful data simply and quickly. The microscope delivers high-resolution images of intracellular structures and dynamic processes. The system features a new lens design, with 1.25x to 150x magnification, which achieves unique macro and micro imaging. Customers can choose the FV3000 galvanometer-only scan unit or the galvanometer/resonant hybrid (the FV3000RS) that is capable of capturing up to 438 frames per second.


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